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Last updated
24 August 2012



Courtice North Photo Gallery

Our area is very special for its hydrological function, where the hidden groundwater source provides perfect base and conditions for the forest cover. This cover provides unique habitat for rare flora and fauna not found anywhere else in Courtice anymore. Black, Farewell, Harmony Creeks, our local Provincially Significant Wetland Complex and well known Second Marsh in Oshawa depend on the same source- cool groundwater and high water table level. With more urbanization we are going to lose this Natural Heritage. With decreased infiltration of precipitation (by removal of forest for housing) groundwater reserves are diminished, water table drop, and the watershed's capacity to sustain dry-season water flow is impaired( Leedy and Adams, 1986). Each state, province, place has its special attraction and people are trying to protect it and are proud of it. It is their identification. Courtice North was and still is our only Natural Heritage. Local resident Allan Vaillancourt once wrote:


Photo Gallery is divided into section A which will present you with some rare and threatened flora and fauna species and section B describing negative moves on this fragile system. Matching the pictures with word symbols will involve you in making your decision whether these actions are right or wrong. Hopefully, you are going to share your finding with your friends. This is not the decision for the protection of rare and threatened species only, it goes far beyond, the quality and quantity of our common drinking water resource (groundwater entering into Lake Ontario) is threatened. Are you going to take part in decision making of your future?

A: Threatened Flowers & Creatures

Part A. Many flowers and creatures were already eliminated by us and the remaining ones depend on our future actions. Below you can find the list of some of them.

Birds: Red-shouldered Hawk; Sparrow Hawk; Red Tailed Hawk; Sharp-shinned hawk; Eastern Kingbird; Golden-Croened kinglet; Rose-breasted Grosbeak; Indigo Bunting; Purple Finch; Great Blue and Black-crowned Night Heron; Yellow-bellied Sapsucker; Hairy and Downy Woodpecker; Northern water Thrush; Common Flicker; Cedar Waxwing; Orioles; Sparrows (Chipping, White-crowned, White-throated); Yellow Warbler; Barred Owl.

Plants/Flowers: Yellow Lady's Slipper; Showy Orchid; Ginger; Trout Lily; Ginseng; Pale-spike Lobelia; Nodding Ladies'-Tresses; Slender Gerardia; Fringed and Closed Gentian; Poison Ivy; Maidenhair; Royal; Christmas; Mackay's Brittle Fern; False Dragonhead.

Animals/Insects: Beaver; Beaver; Star-nossed mole; Red eft; Green Frog; Dragonfly; Coyote; White-tailed deer; Raccoon; Chipmunk; Trout. Beaver; Star-nossed mole; Red eft; Green Frog; Dragonfly; Coyote; White-tailed deer; Raccoon; Chipmunk; Trout.

Some of these species are being "preyed upon" by us and our cats and dogs. Some people do not realize that each one has its own special place and task to keep our environment healthy; e.g., birds collect insects, which replant, fertilize; frogs remove mosquitoes from our backyards, etc. So far we have found over 500 plants. The need for their identification and protection is in our hands.

(more photos to be added...)


PHOTO GALLERY - Part B. The part "What is wrong" presents you with actions that should not take place during sustainable development, they could be avoided by proper planning:

Deforestation, garbage in/along streams/woodlots, bank erosion and its vegetation removal, storm sewer, concreted bed of cold stream like Farewell, stream diversion, filling in groundwater recharge/wetlands with (contaminated) soil, piped and covered streams, run-off, outfalls from retaining ponds, setbacks, flooding.


Is it economically and socially viable to continue developing this area?

Special and expensive techniques are required to build in area like Courtice North. Special studies are required to be done prior to the development because the water resources are threatened. Maintenance of all built facilities requires special and expensive care and it is our tax dollar that has to take care of that because when is everything built, our municipality is responsible for its care. As you can see from the pictures, most of these facilities don't work. Our very own life is threatened by possible flood, the health of people susceptible to upper respiratory illnesses is threatened because the wetness and moisture of the air ( this area is swampy) will make our environment not suitable for healthy life. Standing water in retaining ponds will not help to reduce the only pest present here, the mosquito.

What we need: Instead of building expansion in Courtice North we should rather concentrate on improving the quality of our lives. We don't have services here, we need improvement of existing roads and facilities. We need full time staff Fire Department instead of part time for our protection.

You can help by contacting your local council by letter or as a delegation before Council. See Contacting Council (Clarington) for information on how to be heard.

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