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Last updated
24 August 2012



We are extremely concerned about the present and future condition of Black Creek. This is a photograph taken on July 27, 2001 north east of Hancock and Nash Roads. Black Creek is a cold water creek but notice the water level...

We are aware that this has been a dry summer, but residents in the area have seen nothing like this in the past forty to sixty years.

Possible causes may be:
  1. development without setbacks from streams. This practice
    is unfortunately very common in Clarington
  2. excessive water taking from this stream 
  3. clearing the vegetation along stream
  4. water diversion. Note; the weir in the picture is many years old and has not caused too many problems in other years. Something
    else must be the cause.
  5. changing upstream affecting the headwaters or tributaries

    We are asking all listed agencies to find out the cause of this problem and find the solution how to fix it. Please, let us know of the outcome of your investigation.

    Ontario is in urgent need of an independent commenting agency on environmental issues. This agency would provide information and advice to Municipal and Regional Councilors and Planning Departments who cannot all be expected to have specialized knowledge on intricate environmental issues.

    At the present time Municipal officials are sitting on boards of Conservation Authorities and making decisions based on economic, not environmental considerations.

Please write to  or e-mail Municipal, Regional, Provincial and Conservation Authority officials for help with this problem. Just a simple e-mail will help. Sample:

Re: Concerns about the conditions of Black Creek in Courtice

We are extremely concerned about the present and future condition of Black Creek in Courtice, ON. Water levels have declined dramatically in this cold water stream and causes involve more than just a dry summer. Please, find out the cause of this problem and remedies for it. Let us know of the outcome of your investigation.


e-mail to: Agencies


Agencies to contact:

To: CLOCA, Russ Powell
Chief Administrative Officer
100 Whiting Ave
Oshawa, On L1H 3T3

To: MNR, Rob Messervey, District Manager 
50 Bloomington Rd. W.
Aurora, ON L4G 3G8

John O'Toole, M.P.P.
75 King St E
Bowmanville ON L1C 1N4
905-697-1501 Fax: 905-697-1506

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