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Last updated
24 August 2012



Courtice Area Wetlands

wetlandmap.jpg (53302 bytes)

Previously mapped (1992)

Turquoise_and_Gray61A2.gif (1558 bytes)

New Courtice Wetland Map
MNR August 1999

ProvWetlandMap3.jpg (210476 bytes)

Provincially Significant Black-Farewell Wetland Complex Map
largest wetland complex in GTA
See the MNR Evaluation (August 1999)

see also Current Events

Map notes


West Area (west of Trulls Road) - not mapped by MNR because of a "Special Study Area" status which requires a complete, comprehensive watershed study to be done prior to any development taking place because of natural features and wetland/creek sensitivity.


Glenview (Birchdale) - is below the dashed line, which was not evaluated by MNR because there is a development application pending for this area, and MNR was given false information that the development had already been approved (it has not)


Hancock - logical extension of wetland (also incorrect information given)


North of Pebblestone - Outside of Urban Boundary but Trees are being removed

Because Council received incorrect info on the wetland location or it's existence during approval, we respectfully request that Clarington Council:

  1. Request a review of  the OMB decision on the Hancock neighborhood

  2. That consent from Planning Department and the owner of Birchdale development land should be sent to MNR to complete the evaluation of wetlands in the vicinity of George Reynolds Drive (especially the south section below the "dashed line")

  3. Ensure that MNR recommendations are followed and special By-laws are introduced for the protection of wetland functions

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