Water Table Map


High water table and groundwater recharge areas. North Courtice circled in light blue

watertablemap.jpg (48908 bytes)

  • High water table areas = blue
  • Groundwater recharge areas = dark green

(Note: See Old Lake Iroquois and Lake Iroquois History for location of Lake Iroquois; Oak Ridges Morraine area is shown in Yellow.)

  • Groundwater MYTH: groundwater is separate from streams,lakes and wetlands

  • REALITY: Groundwater is part of the drainage system that maintains the supply of water in streams,lakes and wetlands

Some High Water Table areas in North Courtice:

Rundle20Water20Table.jpg (7643 bytes)

  Courtice20Rd.20WT1.jpg (16992 bytes)

Solina%20Rd%20WT.jpg (13944 bytes)

Trulls20Nash20WT.jpg (24163 bytes)

WetRoad.jpg (19463 bytes)

It's easy to see the high water table and groundwater recharge areas so evident on the map and in the photos. Almost ALL of North Courtice is a Groundwater recharge and high water table area. One of the few remaining in South/Central Ontario. (But for how long, with all the development and infilling continuing...)

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