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Maple Grove S.S. Anniversary June 15/97

Remembrances by Edna Laird

What do I remember…?

…the services were held in the shed. A lot of preparation took place before the shed was ready for a church service. It was a horse shed all the rest of the year, so it had to be cleaned out and made into a "people" place. Shavings and sawdust were put on the earth floor, a platform was built to seat about 100 children and adults.

I remember the years when people didn't have cars, it was the "horse and buggy" days…the horses would be tied up to the fence posts along both sides of the road.

I remember the decorations-…ferns and little cedars taken from roadsides, or …woods…

…women…prepared and served a delicious supper…there was no electricity in the shed, or the hall, or the church, or in the people's homes. The menu was ham, potato salad, jellies, cheese,…pies and cakes, also tea. Water was pumped from the well in the school yard, and heated in a large iron pot over an open fire…. The dishes were washed in dish pans at each end of the tables….

People worked together, their efforts were successful…

Many changes have taken place, but we still have anniversaries when we can praise God, and give thanks for all our blessings...

Edna Laird


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